Click To Call Chrome Extension

Click To Call Chrome Extension

Click To Call Chrome Extension provides click to call facility from any web pages of Chrome Browser by selecting number from web page.

This is free Module and well woring with Asterisk based PBX. Support Document is on our support website. User has to follow all steps Explain on our support website. TechExtension Team will provide you server file for this extension after user will fill Registration form.

Note :

People who also like click to call Sugar Asterisk Integration, they would also like to know about Sugar Asterisk CTI Integration provides click to call, call logs, popups, call history in CRM.

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Save Time of Typing Number

Click To Call From Browser Any Number.

Easy To Use

Increase Tel.communication Speed

Advantages of Integration of Click To Call Chrome Extension With crm.

Call Pop up with all information lieke caller name, Account name, history etc. in CRM.

Call Logs In CRM.

Details Reporting of calls in CRM.

Call Recording can be listen from crm

Create Lead, Contact, Account, Case, Task in CRM & Many features...

Steps to How to Use Click To Call Chrome Extension

  1. Download It from Chrome App Store.

  2. Installed it.

  3. After Installed it , You can find click to call icon on upper right corner of chrome browser.

  4. Click To Call Techextension

  5. Click on Click To Call Icon. It Will Show Following Pop up window.

  6. Techextension click To call chrome extension popup window

  7. User have to first Registration. And its require only name and valid Email address. So Click on Registration.

  8. It will redirect to our Website Registration Page or Register this form.

  9. After Success fully Registration. You will get donwloload link on email or Our Support Team will contact you and give you one php file.

  10. You will find Asterisk server Admin Manager User Name and password from /ect/asterisk/manager.conf


    Make sure that your CRM server IP have access to your asterisk pbx server AMI. Check permit and deny setting in manager.conf

    After changes in file Restart Asterisk PBX. ( command : /etc/init.d/asterisk restart )

  11. Open clicktocall.php File In Edtior

  12. Eneter User Name Like My AMI Username is admin and Password is amp123 and Save it

  13. Techextension click To call File.

  14. This php file should be kept in server web folder like ( /var/www/hrml/ ) or (/htdocs/).

  15. So My URL Path would be

  16. Next Step is Configuration. Click on Configuration

  17. Techextension click To call chrome extension Configuration.

  18. Fill following Configuration form As following

  19. Techextension click To call chrome extension Configuration demo.

  20. Register Soft phone with your Asterisk server.

  21. Select number and Click on right click on chrome browser and Click on Click To Call Icon.

  22. Techextension click To call chrome extension.

  23. Accept call on soft phone.

  24. Techextension click To call chrome extension example.

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Just 50$ for setup.

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