Sugar / SuiteCRM SMS /whatsapp Marketing Integration

Sugar / SuiteCRM whatsapp Mesagges / SMS Marketing Integration

whatsapp Mesagges / SMS integration with sugarcrm improves efficiency of your communication by giving you more information and more options for each SMS you send or receive like SMS Marketing Software. Gives you an utterly new experience of effective SMS / whatsapp communication right in your sugarcrm or SuiteCRM and drives your business processes to advanced standards. All outgoing SMS are recorded and available for any kind of further analysis.

This Customized CRM module allows you to easily send whatsapp Mesagges / SMS directly from within sugarcrm or SuiteCRM, to any of your Contacts, Leads, Case or Account in the system. An SMS can be created in sugarcrm or SuiteCRM just like an Email or a Phone Call from the Activities menu, or it can be created via a work flow. Each SMS activity can be sent to multiple recipients at a time, to any combination of Contacts, Leads, and Users.

This Add-on can be termed as sugarcrm SMS Integration or SMS Marketing Software or SuiteCRM SMS Integration or SMS sugarcrm plugin or SMS sugarcrm or sugarcrm Modules.

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Features of CRM : Sugar / SuiteCRM whatsapp Mesagges / SMS Marketing Integration

Send whatsapp Mesagges / SMS from Lead, Contact, Account and Case Module of CRM .

Complete whatsapp Mesagges / SMS Logs or History in CRM.

whatsapp Mesagge / SMS Templates Facilities like Email Templates in CRM.

Select fields to be used for SMS module in CRM.

Automatic Relation with Lead , Account, Contacts or Case.

Send Multiple whatsapp Mesagges / SMS From Lead , Account, Contacts or Case in CRM List Views.

User can create any work flow in crm. works perfectly with work flow in crm. sms can be send from custom work flow in crm.

Inbound SMS can be stored in crm with related records automatically.

User can schedule whatsapp Mesagges / SMS in CRM.

Check whatsapp Mesagges / SMS Reports of Schedule SMS in CRM.

Works perfectly with Almost SMS Gateway who provides API.

Company and user dashboards.

Some of Advantages of whatsapp Mesagges / SMS Marketing add-on

Inbound SMS logs and its relation with particular records in crm.

Outbound SMS logs and its relation with particular records in crm.

It is fast and easy to send SMS using preloaded SMS Templates in CRM.

Single as well Multiple sms can be send from crm.

SMS Reports in crm.

Send Greeting SMS to Employee, customers, Dealers, person on special event like Birthday.

Send Notify SMS to customer and assigned person about case based on status of case like created , modified and close with Descriptoin .

Send Notify SMS to customer and assigned person on records like lead, opportunity, notes, task , events, appointments etc created , modified and close in crm.

Above is list of features of SMS integration with sugarcrm or SuiteCRM. Different Users have different requirement combination So SMS Add-on will customize according User requirements.

Pricing Plans

License Details Price $500

  • License is Based On CRM
  • One Time
  • Unlimited Users
  • Free Support.
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Some of example of Supported SMS Gateway

Supported CRM Version

SugarCRM Community Edition (CE)

SugarCRM Pro

SugarCRM Corporate

SugarCRM Ultimate

SugarCRM On Demand

SugarCRM Open Cloud (European On Demand)


SuiteCRM All Versions

6.1.x    6.4.x    6.5.x    6.6.x    6.7.x   7.x.x    7.2.x    7.3.x    7.5.x    7.6.x    7.7.x    7.8.x

SugarCRM Versions:

6.1.x    6.4.x    6.5.x    6.6.x    6.7.x